Liz Douglas
Pool from Within by Liz Douglas

Liz Douglas is an artist working in the Scottish Borders. She was born and brought up in Angus. She studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art, completing her postgraduate Masters in Fine Art, Painting in 1993.

Her work, which is influenced by specific landscapes, memory, poetry, and music has developed from direct painting of the landscape to a more sensory approach, creating visual environments using pigments, line, print and contemporary media.

Her work reflects her dialogue with the natural world and the element of unpredictability that exists. She also has a wish to explore these contradictions, using the visible and invisible element in the landscape as metaphor.

The research processes she uses involves collaborating with scientists and environmentalists which deepens her knowledge of the natural world, and its contradictions. She investigates microscopic elements using a scanning electron microscope to reveal structures and forms from graptolite fossils, alpine plants, tree and plant pollen material.

“Her quietly sumptuous canvasses show an awareness of the interconnectedness of natural and social processes. The success of her abstract aesthetics lies in communicating this to the viewer, palpably and  imaginatively.”
Ruth Pelzer-Montada 2008