Liz Douglas
Ribbons of Wilderness 1 Ribbons of Wilderness 2 Ribbons of Wilderness Pink Yesnaby 2 Far North Flow Series 1 Flow Series 2 Flow Series 3 Moth Meditation Ribbons of Wilderness 2Y Ribbons of Wilderness 3 Ribbons of Wilderness 4


Meditation on a Shepherds Lantern Curved Forms Meditation on a Shepherds Lantern Print Tools for Survival Hawick Thirteen Drifty Days Thirteen Drifty Days - referencing James Hogg 'The Shepherds' Calendar' 19th Century Shepherds Lantern

Tools for Survival

Mire fugue I Landscape Pockets Blue Pools 2 – fugue Broom I Broom II Improvisation I Improvisation II Spring moon Mire Pools and Pockets Pool from Within Pool from Within I

Pools and Pockets


Intranquility Intranquility Intranquility Intranquility


Empire Empire Empire Empire Empire Empire Empire


Creative Place 2014 Commission Creative Place 2014 Commission Creative Place 2014 Commission

Creative Place 2014 Commission

'Con-TEXT Residency 2012' Invisible Structures 'Con-TEXT Residency 2012' Structures 'Con-TEXT Residency 2012' Invisible Structures - detail 'Con-TEXT Residency 2012' Pleated Landscape 'Con-TEXT Residency 2012' Invisible Landscape 'Con-TEXT Residency 2012' Forms 'Con-TEXT Residency 2012' From Within 'Con-TEXT Residency 2012' Hidden Stories

'Con-TEXT Residency 2012' - Heriot Watt University, Galashiels

'Out of the Mire' Ceiling Painting Part 1 'Out of the Mire' Ceiling Painting Part 2 'Out of the Mire' Ceiling Painting Part 3

'Out of the Mire' - Visual Artist Award 2011

'Way' Ceiling Painting Part 1 'Way' Ceiling Painting Part 2 'Way' Ceiling Painting Part 3

'Way' - a painted ceiling


LandscapeRaftTransitionFen Pools DawnRaft drawingAnother world 1Another world 2Blue Mire 1Blue Mire 2Raft studyMothlight studyFen study Mire Song II Classical Pool I Classical Pool II Listening to the Wind Mire Poem Dawn Diatom Drawing

Mire Series


Yellow LightPink 1597Slow ThawMarsh PinkStudy 3Drawing4 panelDusk

Seeds of Time 2 Series


Slow ThawMoths ReturnDuskWillowFloodplain 2InterlaceHangingsHangings

Willowlines Series


Ravencraig NNERBNW700The Hanging GardenA Breathless LightDrawings

Interface Series


A walk through a bogLandscape 1RBNW700TracesRB1Out of the Blue 2Study 4Yellow FugueRBnw2RBnw1

RB Series


Out of the BlueRavencraig NNEBroomy Gutter

Carrifran Series


Winter SolsticeHanging Garden 2ElementsSeeds of Time 1Parallel SeedsSeeds of Time 2 panelsSeeds of Time 2Layers of Time

Hanging Gardens Series


Elements 1Birkhill 1127Fault Line DrawingSeeds to the WindElements

Dob's Lynn Series


FrostHillLingilieBetween Foulshiels and NewarkDryhope

Yarrow Series

Meditation on Blackthorn Ettrick Forest

Ettrick Series